Response to: Flying Above and Beyond Simple Service

I thought that flyingsquirreleater’s commentary on the Beverly Wright interview was very interesting. While I wholeheartedly agreed with their conclusion, which stated that “Ultimately, at the bare minimum, we are all humans, and as such should be able to relate well to each other” to call their fellow students to action in avoiding the trap of simply going into a community, helping out, and returning to our own community. This launch post very much seems to be about the importance of becoming part of the community we go into at our service sites and being genuinely vested in the success and people of said community. However, I’m not too sure I agree with flyingsquirreleater’s interpretation of Wright’s “subtle jabs” at students on break who leave after the summer is over. While it is arguably true that she is talking about students on mission trips, etc., I think what she is trying to point out is that her program is trying to instill pride within the community, as evidenced by her statement: “Its main objective initially was to build African American leadership on the ground of people who were vested in the struggle.” I do agree with the the theme of this launch post in that it is crucial we become a part of the community we serve, especially shown when Wright says “What people don’t understand is that when we make it better for the least of us, we protect all of us.” Wright is trying to instill in the audience a genuine passion for the environment and is trying to foster a sense of protection for the environment in which ourselves and others live.

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