Response to “Really? In Today’s World?”

This launch post addressed the article New Orleans: Poor Residents Suffer Deepest Impact of Hurricane Katrina, and brought up points that rose questions for me. I agree that we need to question why we have not protected the poor when natural disasters strike, and it bring up the question to me as to why we wait until after these huge storms hit to provide help? If we hear that this is going to be a historical hurricane days in advance, why are we not sending buses and other vehicles to the location to evacuate people? We have the resources in organizations that raise money after the incidents, we should just work to prevent makeshift living conditions and looking for people when both can be prevented.
This made me think of the latest on the hurricanes this fall that hit Haiti within two years of its massive earthquake. I read a few articles (one is and got some understanding on how they have not made it too far into rebuilding their nation after the earthquake before the hurricane hit. The country received help for their crisis in 2010, but the efforts to rebuild never really got them back to operating condition. Here, we had people in refugee camps and tents surviving a storm, when for the past 2 years, countries have been sending people to build schools and other buildings. I am just in awe that after hearing about people at my school spending time in this country and now reading this, I unfortunately know that their work to build a one room school was not as important as if they would have helped build a large community center to house people in these cases. Haiti, like New Orleans, has been hit with a lot of problems, and we need to work on solutions to stop the trauma before it begins.
This article got my head spinning on the service and urban problems aspect of our class, and how we sometimes need to step back and see what is the best help for the people we are serving, as opposed to the easiest or most common option. This article made me think about those we forget when storms and bad weather come, and that it is time that solutions for the poor we seek to help come to light. And not just on nice days, but also in storms, we need to extend that helping hand to them since they are normally stuck without the means to leave.

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