Meta Post: Going Beyond Sympathy

The problem: Lack of aid to the poor during environmental crises. The solution: YOU. 

     After reading through the different launch posts and query posts there were many re-occuring themes. But perhaps the strongest was the cry for representation of the poor. As one writer pointed out, during the BP oil spill there never was any coverage on the poor living in the affected areas. During Hurricane Katrina, the Lower Ninth Ward was destroyed and still hasn’t recovered. Even worse, the district was knowingly built on a swampland, setting it up for ruin. There was/is overt inequality within the housing market. So how do we stop this? Environmental disasters will always occur, but how can we make the impact on the poor minimal?

     Beverly Wright started a program to give assistance to those affected, but she is just one person and her resources are ultimately limited. Most of the frustrations in the posts point to how the poor are overlooked when environmental issues occur. As the punk125 states, “it’s a true call to action for those less fortunate to start demanding assistance and their rights, and to team up with those who are willing to help them and might have better means to do so.” But as flyingsquirreleater asked, how do we go beyond simply doing service and then going back to our lives? This leads to my question, what CAN we do as college students? I often feel frustration at having my eyes opened to a new issue, only to have to return to the structure of my daily life. But one thing we can do right now is write. Write about environmental issues, write to reflect on the injustices occurring, and write to share your beliefs with the broader society. Without the articles I would not have known about the environmental impact on the poor, and without the launch posts and query posts, I wouldn’t know what my peers think. Writing as an advocate for the poor, who are suffering through these environmental disasters, is perhaps the greatest thing we can do for them.

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