Meta Post: Raise your voice, not just your hands

After reading the launch post and query blogs from this past week, it is apparent that a call to action is being made. As discovered in the neglect of the residents in the Lower Ninth Ward affected by Hurricane Katrina, it is obvious that this problem of environmental injustice needs to be addressed. But how is one to go about doing this? Beverly Wright has already cautioned us on only being invested in a community for a short period of time, and trying to simply help out, then return to our normal lives. How can we be truly invested in something that we are not directly a part of? Many posts concluded with the thought that government action and new legislation is important and necessary if solving this problem. But again, how do we accomplish this and still have the best interest of these people in mind? As thepunk125 brought up, we must “scream the loudest.” We must be the voice for the poor. We would all agree that we must still work on a personal level to help make this change, never neglecting the construction of community, but we must incorporate advocating for those who are in need. If government action is what we desire, we must show them that there is a need to be met. Hiddenpoet0319 made the statement “legislation and charity seem to only treat the symptoms of poverty,” and as of right now, this may be true. However, we do have the power to change this. As we have concluded, we must act and speak on the behalf of the poor. In doing this though, we need to make sure that we never lose sight of the true goal: helping eliminate poverty and the injustices associated with it. With the right intentions and adequate motivation, it is possible for us to see and end to these injustices.

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