Launch Post: The High Cost of Low Prices

It is a practice that we, as Americans, like to pretend isn’t happening, but it’s hurting everyone in the world except for a very select few who see their bank accounts increase exponentially. The shipping of manufacturing jobs oversees has been ripe with human rights violations since day one. A jacket that costs you $150 to purchase only cost the company 35 cents and some poor Chinese kids’ hand in the making of it. In America, we see our cities fall into decay as industry continues to leave our borders to go overseas to where companies can exploit the workers of the third world to make their products at ridiculously cheap prices. Corporations will drone on and on about how this is a “necessary” business practice, but, at the very end of “Keeper of the Fire”, I think Kernaghan said it exactly right, “Why does anyone need so much money?” It is ridiculous to claim that the exploitation and disgusting abuse of fellow human beings is ever “necessary”. The question is, how do we change this horrid practice? The fact of the matter is, corporations aren’t inherently evil, they are inherently greedy. The only thing that matters is the company’s bottom line, so if we as a people can find a way to make this practice more detrimental to their bottom line than it is worth, then the practice will change. I believe that it would take a great deal of government subsidization of companies that would bring manufacturing jobs back from oversees, as well as a great deal of consumer awareness and activism. With these two things though, I think we can bring down the high costs of low prices. Many would claim that this would cause these industries to skyrocket their prices, but they can’t do that, because no one will buy them. The truth of the matter is that these companies will simply have to settle with making less money if people take a stand against these practices. No one should have more money than they can spend in a life time when so many live in such horrible poverty. When a majority of the world does not even have a simple washing machine, and yes, I do mean a MAJORITY of the world, no one should be able to spend $52,000 a day for 781 years without ever running out of money. It is a disgusting injustice, and we as consumers must not stand for it. We must make ethical behavior a necessity for the profitable conduct of business.

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One Response to Launch Post: The High Cost of Low Prices

  1. I really like your blog post! I definitely agree that it’s unacceptable for companies to exploit their employees in oder to make more money. It’s sickening. I can’t even imagine being an employee of a company like Disney, “the happiest place on earth” and feeling trapped within the unequal structure. But, there are companies that make a profit while promoting fair employment and equal wage rates. They take a stand against sweat-shops and recognize it’s devastating effect on the victims. The movement is called fair trade and the company Equal Exchange is a participant. According to their website, their mission is “to foster long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound.” Fair trade is a collective unit of small farmers and producers who are committed to raising the incomes of workers. Equal Exchange provides high- quality food at an affordable price, that way both the workers and consumers benefit. Every time you buy a good you make a choice. You have the power to support or discourage businesses and their practice. Being informed and make your choice a good one.

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