Meta Post: Beyond Practicality

Through reading all of the blog posts, I noticed one strongly overarching theme of a call for response. This theme included the ideas and questions “what are we going to do about it”, “what can we do about it”, and “what is being done about it” with the “it” being sweatshops, child labor, and forced labor in particular in relation to Wal-Mart and Disney. There was talk of buying fair-trade goods, researching companies we buy from, raising awareness, accessing the My Slavery Footprint website, refusing to buy from stores that utilize sweatshops, and taking government action among other things. All of these practical consumer tips are excellent and seem to follow the argument made by Javdani about how our choices made in America do really affect others throughout the world.  At the same time however we read an essay in class about how some families need children to work at a young age to survive and their jobs end up coming from sweatshops. It seems to me that the posters are aware and interested in this debate and thinking about it has sparked new ideas and solutions. Hopefulwanderer1 calls us to live radically, love the world around us, and fight for justice, Hiddenpoet0319 asks for government subsidies to bring companies that are overseas back to the United States to stop the sweatshops, Thirdbolyngirl wants to make what is invisible to Americans visible, and Theonlysolutionislove begs us to boycott companies that exploit their workers.  I think we can come to the agreement that inaction is unacceptable and that all of these ideas are positive and practical ways that we can fight injustices. Even so most of the posters focused on what we can do on the home front, but need to also think about what we can do to love and help the people being exploited. We need to go beyond practical. We can end buying dirty goods and we can bring all of our companies back to the USA but without the radical love for the rest of the world talked about by Hopefulwanderer1 what we do will only make a small difference.


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