Meta: Chasing Away Squirrels

What I noticed while I was reading the posts and comments of this week, encompassed quite a bit.  Most of the authors talked about their eyes being opened to the terrors of sweatshops and the fact that large corporations are utilizing these impoverished people in order to make more money on their products.  But even more than that, I noticed a common thread of people talking about what needed to be done about the problem.  Slunatic put it best when it asked, “well, what are we doing about it?” Most people then talked about looking into the companies from which they are purchasing good. Theonlysolutionislove talked about “consciously seperat[ing] yourself from systems that oppress people.” In the words of thepunk125, America wants faster, better, and cheaper goods, which is only encouraging sweatshops.  And as hiddenpoet0309 noticed, we like to pretend these things aren’t happening even though they are hurting everyone in the world.  But I think that acaawesome13 brought up a fantastic point that you could say nailed the pitch.  In his or her words: “By liberating them from these jobs, we may be condemning them to starvation. I believe that to honestly fix this problem would require actual sacrifice from those of us who act as consumers.” Channeling its inner Rebel Wilson by typing while doing horizontal running, acaawesome13 is advocating not buying these products in an effort to decrease the market for these sweatshop items.  I think that she is advocating something that I did personally about five years ago.  I found out that the company I was buying my squirrel bait from was paying the people harvesting the nuts about 5 cents an hour.  I wasn’t a fan, so I switched companies.  I now buy nuts from an American company paying its workers minimum wage to harvest the acorns I bait my traps with, and honestly, I am happier because of it.  Mr. or Ms. Acapella has a point.  The best option that we may have is to boycott the huge corporations that are utilizing these sweatshops to make a profit off of some people’s poverty.  This week was full of good information and ideas, and I hope that it inspires us to try and oppose these corporations that utilize the terrors that are sweatshops. 

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