Meta: Shoot. What can I do?

Reading all of these posts, I realized that a lot of people in the world probably agree with statements that we have made. Everyone wants to make a change, but I think at this point, not a lot of people know what to do about that. I took the survey that happysunshine7 added the link to (thanks! that was super cool!), and found that I had 38 slaves “working for me”. Yikes. What a weird concept. That makes me sick to think that other people are working in terrible conditions, sometimes up to 21 hours a day, just so that I can buy clothes or food that I want. I think it is easy to think that I am doing my part because I am more conscious than others, but that does not mean that I am doing everything I can do make a change. Slunatic made me think about it when they said “Well, what are we doing about it?” I was sad and surprised that my immediate thought was “not much”.  While I was aware that certain companies exploited their workers, I didn’t know the extent. It really makes me wonder though, how this information will change my habits and the habits of all of us. Yes, Nike exploits their workers and treats them terribly, but honestly, when it comes down to it, I love my Nike running shoes, and when I wear through the ones I have now, I will probably get another pair from them. Should I feel guilty about that? Should I boycott and buy another brand? Maybe, but I think that getting the word out and forcing Nike to make a change will be more effective. Me boycotting alone will not do much.  Hiddenpoet0319 said it best by calling the exploitation by “a disgusting injustice”. It really is and there needs to be a change. I honestly don’t know what to do to make this change, but hopefully together; we can come up with something. 


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