Metapost: The first priority is awareness

While reading the posts this week, two ideas seemed to come up often. First, many of the bloggers were shocked by the issue of sweatshops, low wages, and terrible working conditions. Many of them had not been aware of these issues previously or had limited background information surrounding them. They did not seem to realize that many of the products they use on a daily basis come from companies that support these terrible conditions. Second, the bloggers made it clear that these conditions and situations are unethical and should not occur in our world. They said it is unacceptable that poor women and children are forced to work long hours in terrible conditions just to make a small wage. To go along with this, many bloggers said that something needs to be done about this issue. People should not and cannot continue to live their lives like this. Many suggestions about different actions we can take were given. Some of them were smaller actions that we can take on an individual basis such as researching companies to know where our products come from, while other suggestions were actions needed to be taken by the government and large companies. Happysunshine7 brought up a great point. They said that “knowing about the problem is the first step”. I thought this was very thoughtful and the use of the slavery footprint website just added to the idea even more. In conclusion, spreading awareness about social justice issues needs to be the first priority. Once this is done, action can then be taken by individuals which will hopefully lead to larger corporations and governments taking action.

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