Meta Post: Interrupting the Threat of Violence

                This week, we focused on the problem of gang violence, particularly in cities like Chicago where it runs rampant, in regards to the Interrupters, a group of former gang members who work to decrease this epidemic through their good example. Some of the solutions suggested in the article in order to change behavior in the youth were education, changing the sort of exposure these youth have to potential violent situations (through the good example of people like the Interrupters), and making it clear that certain behaviors are unacceptable. Acaawesome13 questioned whether educational resources would really make a difference, and essentially asked the question, “Who is to say that the youth will truly by changed through extra classes or if this information will even stay in the forefronts of their minds?” Flyingsquirreleater furthered this point by noting a Carl Harris article that demonstrated that youth will probably not be too affected by educational classes on the subject because risky behavior tends to run through their veins, and they may feel “untouchable or able to live through anything.” Yellowsubmarine2 highlighted that programs like CeaseFire can be helpful because they work to change the mindsets within the youth themselves by exposing them to good examples like the Interrupters. Youth can learn that violence is not the answer when angry disputes come about. They made a great point that children are more receptive to the types of behavior they are exposed to in social situations than are any other age group, as well. Funfetticakemix offered more information on a group called Family Empower which furthers this concept of showing children that violence is not the answer. TheOnlySolutionIsLove maintained the point that programs working to  decrease violence must change how the youth view certain behaviors. These children must be taught that certain behaviors are absolutely unacceptable in order for them to be truly motivated to step away from violent actions. They mentioned how this cannot be the only step (or “brick,” to use their own words) in paving the way towards a safer community. Homosapienswalkingwonders provided readers with another organization, Homebody Industries, which helps former gang members move on from the cycle of violence. Finally, Blueowls22 brought up a very good point, asking our readers the question: How can we terminate violence at its roots? They suggested offering drug-rehabilitation as well as job-training programs and similar social services. Overall, it seems like from these blog posts what has been done so far is only one step in the process of decreasing violence in our cities. What must be changed is not necessarily the information or formal education these youths are receiving in the area of reducing violence, but perhaps a “life” education like that of changing their mentality of socially acceptable behaviors as well as the good examples provided by the Interrupters. With all of this in mind, change can truly begin and violence can be reduced for the youth in our country.

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