Meta-Post: Attempts to Reducing Street Violence

These weeks discussion is on street violence and the increase in gang member numbers within Chicago. Many posters mention how the violence rate has gone up, as well as the death rates. The program CeaseFire is an attempt to step in between the fights and conflicts by using former gang members, called the Interrupters.
The OnlySolutionIsLove tells of two different approaches that have been taken to reduce violence: environmental steps and steps in intervening through education. Acaawesome and Flysquirreleater were both skeptical of how well education would work as sometimes it is hard to get through to youth or get them to change their ways.
There is also much talk of how the spread of violence is similar to the spread of a disease such as AIDS, which is the suggestion by Slutkin. This is the approach CeaseFire is taking with the aid of the Interrupters. Though this approach is hard to tell whether or not it is very effective, it seems that the crime rates have gone down in Chicago. Blueowls suggests that further steps could be to figure out what else causes violence and created programs to help target these issues. Homosapienswalkingwonders gives the example of another group that takes a different approach.
Overall, this approach to reducing crime rates seems to be fairly effective, in my opinion, and is a very interesting angle to take. I think using the example of the Interrupters is a good way to get through to youth. I think all of the posters seemed to have fairly good opinions on the topic as well, which shone through in what they wrote and in the comments. I also thought it was interesting to see the other programs and areas that are working on solving the same issue of street violence.

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