Meta Post: Education and Public Health

After going through the readings and the blog posts and comments, it was evident that all of us seemed to take a lot from the Kotlowitz article. Yellowsubmarine2 made a very interesting point in extending the already-present idea of public health as it relates to violence by saying that what we’re dealing with is also a mental health issue, citing references to PTSD in kids exposed to violence at a young age. Moreover, acaawesome13 also brings in the idea of a public health approach to violence, iterating the similarities between transmission of a communicable disease and violence in the community. However, one point that acaawesome13 makes that very clearly underscores all of the bloggers’ implicit hesitations is that “Yes, it does take education, but education is sometimes not enough. How can leaders ensure that their material will be taken to heart and that the youth will apply what they learn?”

Present in all of the bloggers’ entries is the appreciation and enlightened understanding that violence, when approached through the lens of public health, might just be able to be “interrupted” effectively. The vehicle by which most of the bloggers agree this is possible is education at the source by trying to positively affect the behavior of young children by demonstrating what is and is not acceptable. However, again, we see the general thought process in each approach that this might be considered as a very idealistic approach. Is there truly a way in which education will be taken to heart? How do we develop that kind of education and implement it in a way that is continuously effective? Most of the bloggers seemed very interested in the idea of managing violence through public health education, which is becoming an increasingly pertinent issue with the field of public health exploding with innovation and new advancements.

The general trends throughout these blog posts have been a genuine appreciation of this new public health approach because it actually shows progress in handling this rampant problem. There also appears to be an implicit trend throughout every blog post: the most effective approach has been one that involves the community. Stopping violence cannot be an action taken by the few and imposed on the many. The most effective approach has been and will continue to be community-wide involvement.

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