Meta Post — Guides out of the Dark

All of the launch posts this week really looked into how the Kotlowitz article introduced the CeaseFire program. With a program looking at inner-city violence in the perspective of a disease, all of the first posts looked at different ways this is just the first step to stopping the violent acts. Allyouneedislove looked at it as a building block and yellowsubmarine2 called it as a start to educating people.
It was really in the comments that we see analysis of this program. By comparing this program to others in Chicago, funfetticakemix notes “these groups are striving towards making the ‘violence is not the answer’ concept a reality for kids who grow up learning otherwise by example.” This author really looks into how teaching by example is a great option for the youth in violent neighborhoods to get out of the path of gangs. On the other hand, flyingsquirreleater critiques the program by addressing that other matters are important to stopping the violence.
This week really focuses on how community and example play an impact into the growth of an area. Without guides or efforts to stop problems from growing and changing habits earlier rather than later, areas can quickly fall into hard times. I feel that the big idea of this week’s readings was best put by allyouneedislove, “Ceasefire is one brick, one step, which will eventually lead to the end of the unnecessary street violence,” and by homosapienswalkingwonders, “On its own it cannot stop all violence, but it has definitely prevented some violence and helped improve the lives of people who may have otherwise been prone to committing acts of violence.”

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